GG Multimedia and Web Design is the brainchild of Clare Din. With her extensive multimedia design background, she has designed and redesigned corporate, medical, entertainment arts, food service, and academic web sites since 1992. Her clients include KPMG Consulting, Aikikai of Philadelphia, Ultrafast Optical Processes Laboratory, American Chemical Society, Larsen Design Associates, Sir Willy's Art, Catwalk Records, Khyber Pass Pub, R.D. Network, Inc., and The Wharton School. She has produced music for four MTV shows, including The Osbournes, MADE, Undressed, and Sausage Factory and has had her fine art photography exhibited in various galleries in Philadelphia.

Why worry about HTML, PHP, CSS, and other esoteric nonsense? Focus on your business and what you do best and let GG Multimedia and Web Design focus on your brand design and Internet presence. Please contact Clare to discuss your web site design goals today.


Aikikai of Philadelphia is one of the first Aikido dojos established in Philadelphia. The dojo needed a fresh look to their web site, so I completely redesigned it to give it a more dynamic feel.


Tony Sanchez is a world-renowned yogi who teaches postural yoga from the Ghosh lineage. Using the Bikram 26+2 series as a starting point, Tony has created a number of yoga systems for all levels of practitioners. Through his Yogic Physical Culture Academy, students learn how to teach Hatha Yoga, including the Bikram series, in a more thoughful and therapeutic way. I am currently managing Tony's web site.


The Ultrafast Optical Processes Laboratory, an NIH-funded research laboratory, asked me to completely redesign their old web site. The laboratory houses some of the most sophisticated laser equipment for biomedical technology research in the United States.


Larsen Design Associates is one of the premier landscape architecture consulting firms in the Philadelphia area. Principal owner Philip Larsen asked me to help him update his web site and I provided him with personalized instruction on HTML and CSS design using Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop.


Sir Willy's Art showcases the visually mesmerizing, textural artwork of up-and-coming local Philadelphia artist William Hoffman. His work is currently on display in several office and lounge spaces at the University of Pennsylvania.


Catwalk Records is a Philadelphia-based record label that has produced music for television shows, such as MTV's The Osbournes, MADE, and Undressed. The site features music from many different music artists as well as free downloadable song samples.


Chef Todd Dae Kulper and the owners of Khyber Pass Pub asked me to design a web site for their pop-up restaurant concept. The web site displayed a photo of Chef Kulper's signature Hakata style ramen and featured pop-up text describing each of the items in the soup when the user hovered over it.


R.D. Network, Inc. is one of the first dietitian's registries in the world and I am proud to have designed one of their first web sites to help promote their brand.


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